Take the inner transformational journey back home to yourself and discover the pathway to your highest form of conscious living & leadership. Experience intentional somatic practices unique to your life, your personality, and your life’s purpose.

Embodied Leadership invites you to discover who you really are.

You’ve likely walked the path of being a high functioning, intelligent, accomplished person for some time now. You know the power of working on your mindset and with your energetic system … And, you keep bumping up against a wall.

You want to discover the leader you know you’re capable of being in the world. The one who doesn’t hide their gifts. The one who knows who they are and powerfully shows up that way. The one who doesn’t self-sabotage just when things are getting good.

I'm here to remind you who you really are underneath your outdated survival strategies, and to guide you back to your essential self.  Self expressed.  Inspired.  Sovereign.  On purpose.

I’ve worked with hundreds of heart based leaders, creatives, and visionaries who’ve tried all sorts of things to help manage stress and expand their impact. Things like success coaches, diets, and a whole host of healers.  Program after program.  Likely even praying that things would change.  And there is still something stuck.  

I'm guessing this may be you too.  I see you.  I really do.  I have been you.

So here you are, you know you can’t think your way through this one. Part of you knows it’s time to go deeper, into the inner work on a mental and emotional level, so that you can really thrive in your life and leadership. So you can be of service and make the impact you long for, no matter how big or truly personal. We need you and your impact.

If  you're  feeling stuck and you don't know what to do about it,  I am here to help.

This is the place where strategy is not enough. You need to heal from the inside.


First, a way of exploring your inner world that allows you to see inside of your blind spots, into ways of being or belief systems that are limiting you. Often these are unknown or rejected parts of yourself that are even harder to access, because they live in the shadows of your experience or are related to past trauma.
Second, a way of working with the body that supports you and allows you to reconnect with your internal resources. With your natural states of being, so that you feel vibrant and self expressed. Working with the body allows you to become free from the stuckness, overwhelm, and chronic fight/flight pattern  and outdated survival strategies that you have been living inside of.

There are two things missing from the approaches you've taken so far:

Private Coaching with Karin gives you these five things...



A way of working with the body, and its natural ability to heal, so you feel empowered and able to take inspired action in the world.

Access to embodied presence and vitality that comes from living in connection with your natural cycles and rhythm.



And if you choose … a clear understanding of your Enneagram Type, including the ways that it holds you back and the gifts that it holds and how to utilize it to support you in your transformation.

When you are supported in these five ways, you can really begin to unhook those stuck places inside of yourself, so that you can live, and lead, with authentic joy and presence. So that you can grow your business, connect with your own heart, step more powerfully into your leadership, and make a meaningful contribution in the world in your own unique way.

This is for you if...

You value feeling healthy, vibrant, and connected in all areas of your life and you're not looking to throw a bandaid over the areas of your life that are no longer working. You desire true healing and a methodology that creates lasting change.
You believe in the capacity for healing through the body. You know that your body has wisdom that you can tap into, and once you understand how to listen and engage you can utilize it as a gift of awareness and transformation.
You are willing, open, and curious about the power of inner work for personal and professional transformation. You love to learn more about yourself and open up to new ways of seeing the world around you and within you.
You realize that there is a vulnerability that comes from embodying your power and presence. It involves both strength and tenderness, and you are open to exploring both. 

You want a different experience of life and relationships than what you have now. Perhaps you want to return to who you knew yourself to be before you got so stuck, or perhaps you want to really experience yourself for the first time. And while you aren’t actually going back, you are curious to experience yourself in a new and holistic way now.

You’re willing to be collaborative when it comes to your own healing process. You are the expert in your own life after all. I am not the healer for you if you want me to do all of the work for you. This is a collaborative process where I bring my expertise and you and I create the pathway together.

LUXE Painted Portraits, LLC

“It’s been so wonderful and reassuring to have the support of our work through the entire process of starting my business. When we started working I never dreamed I would own my own creative business. My work with you has given me the courage to not only start the business but to expand and grow and change the business. It’s helped me get clear about what’s important to me in my business, what makes me thrive in my business, and helped me confidently adapt my business to what I’m passionate about. I would recommend that kind of support to anyone!

I was terrified of getting coaching. I thought I would be told that I was pretty much doing everything wrong. That hasn’t been the case as at all. The whole process has felt very “doable” and you have always been great to stay in tune with what I can handle at any given moment, Karin. I always feel like I’m growing and I always feel like I can do it.  

Even in our work now, as I start spilling about what has me feeling antsy and unsettled and like I’m failing, you are fantastic about gently pausing to either validate that, of course (whatever the situation is), would be scary/overwhelming/stressful. Or to help me stop and recognize something I’ve done great rather than bulldoze over it to get to what I feel like I’ve done wrong.

I’m so much more calm than before I started the coaching. I would get worked up about everything and stay worked up all the time, it seemed like. It’s not that I don’t get worked up now, it’s just not the status quo it once was. I’m so much better at stopping to take a breath, on small and large levels. Now, when I do get worked up, I have a tool belt of simple things that help to relieve some of the pressure and the frenzy. “

What people are saying...

 Santa Barbara, CA

“I was initially curious and drawn to you as you shared your knowledge and experience about your own Enneagram type. You engaged me with your observations of human behaviors and I was intrigued to learn more about types, specifically my own.

I took in so much from you in our initial intake and I walked away with an observing sense of self as I meandered through scenarios and witnessed my thoughts and tendencies, and how they related to the potential types you suggested were related to my personality.

Discovering my type has been illuminating in seeing more clearly how I engage with the world and myself. It's almost as if I have another lens to filter through.

The experience working with you was so informative. You made me feel completely at ease, safe in my own story and helped me shift some of my perspectives in a very natural way. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me and guiding me to my own truth and authentic self.”

What people are saying...


“Our coaching session from two weeks ago, Karin, I could cry thinking about it. It still moves me. You’re a badass coach, girl! You helped me get out of the swirl of my Type 7 mind, where I felt frenzied and disoriented, and skillfully guided me down into my body where I could find my ground. You helped me calm myself down and be able to be with what was troubling me from a far more skillful place.

I feel 100% free to be me with you, Karin. You leave me all kinds of space. I just feel your warmth and acceptance. You’re very loving and truthful in your upfrontness with your own vulnerability, and that invites my vulnerability. You’re walking your walk and you’re talking your talk. You’re in it. You’re of it. So, thank you.”

What people are saying...

What people are saying...

I've walked this path and understand intimately the journey you're one. I am a woman entrepreneur, and have been since 2008 when I opened my psychotherapy practice.

I am also a highly trained mental health professional with decades of experience working with people in the painful places of their lives. I’ve helped thousands of people with their emotional health and wellbeing since I graduated from college in 1990. And have been a licensed psychotherapist in California since 1998.

I am extensively trained in somatic therapies, with six years of certification in these modalities alone. I love this work, and it is the way that I live my life as well. Integrating and embodying my life in all areas - work, play, relationships, spirituality. All of it.  

I know how to hold the space and work with those painful places. It’s what I do. I think we have all had that experience of someone glazing over, changing the subject, or worse, when we are in pain. That’s not me. I’m not interested in getting you into the pain before it’s time. However, when it comes up, because it will come up when you do your inner work, I can be there with you.

What qualifies me to support you?

Designed to help you gain more insight into your growth edge around stuck places that are holding you back, or to enhance your somatic experience, so that you can shift the patterns that are holding you back and keeping you stuck. **If we are working with your Enneagram type, there will be a Type specific component included.

Special gift for you: Sacred Rhythm Essential Oil
In the 2nd month-ish, I will send you an optional individually chosen oil, or oil blend, to work with, including instructions on how to incorporate it into your transformational process and daily routine.  

Custom Practices to support you between sessions

During these sessions, we will explore the particular ways that  you are stuck and what your vision for your life is.  We will work somatically in an experiential way to help you with a particular area of your life and to heal the old patterns that are held in the nervous system so that you can become more embodied and less reactive or stuck in survival responses.

If you are also interested in incorporating your Enneagram Type into this transformational coaching, it is also a tool that I use regularly and would love to support you with as well.

Two, 60 Minute Private Coaching Sessions per month, for Six Months (Available by phone, or video conference)

What's Included

I'll review your application and email to schedule a free coaching consultation. Once your application is accepted, we'll meet to see if it's all a good fit.

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