Welcome May

Can you believe it’s May already? I probably say that every month, and still … wow, it’s May. We have already made it through 1/3 of 2023. Go us!

How are you feeling?

May has always been a full and potent month in my world … because of the “May birthdays” as we called it in my family of origin. All the women … myself, my Mom and my sister … have birthdays this month (fun Robbins family fact: the men were all in September), which for most of my adult life we celebrated together. And there has always been Mother’s Day and a sprinking of graduations over the years.

There has usually been a fullness for me when May arrives, it was often grey outside for us Californians, and still there was a brightness that I felt. And maybe some expectations too. I found myself wearing brighter colors and there was a bit of a spring in my step … I am actually feeling that springyness today.

And there is another layer in here now … May now also includes the anniversary of my Mom’s death. May 13th will be the first full year since she left her physical form. I feel that too.

So, while there is a spring in my step, there is also grief and perhaps a bit of bracing, as these 2 weeks that were so so full in unimaginable ways last year will lead me once again to May 13th.

I decided to say “Welcome May”, because I get to choose that … to welcome all that comes, all that is here, and all that I have no clue will occur this month. And so do you.

It’s a practice to welcome it all, and so that is my intention this month.

So, my invitation to you is to simply pause for a moment.

Perhaps you’d like to put your hands on your heart, or belly, or squeeze yourself in a nice hug … and take a breath or two, if for no other reason that to realize a new month is here. We are deepening into Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere, regardless of what the environment reflects, and so it is … we are transitioning and we get to choose how we relate to this new month.

What would you like to welcome in your world?