Reflecting on May

Well, here we are … the last day of May. How are you?

Did you have a chance to try the somatic grounding practice I recorded for you last week? (If not, here’s your reminder … you can check it out HERE)

You may or may not have been here since the beginning of the month when I invited us to ponder this idea of welcoming May and all that it may bring. I’m curious how this month went for you?

This is a great time to pause for a moment and reflect.

You do not need a drawn out journal process or anything fancy or elaborate … and taking a moment to allow your body and your being to take in the end of one month and beginning of a new one is a great somatic practice!

And if you do want a few prompts …

How is your body feeling today? Your mood and emotions?

What stands out for you when you reflect on the month? Maybe there were some challenges, and let’s not forget the beauty too.

Did you learn anything? Read or watch something new that inspired you?

Or maybe you just made it … I know May tends to pick up steam for many of us as a school year winds down, maybe there were graduations, and summer is getting closer every day bringing it’s own energy. We’ll talk more about transitioning to a new season in the next week or so.

As for me, in some ways May was much harder than I imagined (grief never ceases to reveal itself in new ways), and in other ways having that intention at the beginning to let myself welcome the known and unknown experiences supported me all month. It helped me take extra good care of myself, and give myself grace for old habits or not getting to everything I wanted to. Gentleness. It kept me present really, that is my primary reflection, and anything that supports more presence is an incredible gift in my book.

I also turned 55 on May 23rd (5/23/23 … 5/5/5 … I do love some number magic🧚🏻‍♀️). If you want to read some of my reflections, I wrote them on my Instagram: Read it here.

As you receive this I will likely be sitting on the plane for my 6am flight down to Los Angeles 🫣😅☕️ where I will begin my process of finding new home down south. I will likely be inviting in a lot of motion, intuition, decisions, and reflection as I come to the end of this 6 year chapter in Northern California.

So June, if I’ve learned anything from May it is to Welcome you as well … you’re coming in hot with a whole different vibe, hopes, and imaginings. Can’t wait to see where you may lead me (fingers crossed it does at least include my new home). And, I am going to do my best to soften and not try to control every outcome with all my preferences, so I keep cultivating this practice of presence to what is and what is so moment to moment.