Create a ritual out of your daily lifestyle through ancient wellness practices, essential oil protocols, and reconnecting with your natural rhythms.

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An empowered approach to healthy living combined with heart based community support.

I am deeply inspired by the rhythms of nature and how this supports us as human beings. It’s sacred to me. It opens me up to my internal rhythm, helps me move out of my head and into my body more naturally, and allows me to feel a reverence for what is happening beyond just my own experience.

Throughout my professional career, I have helped thousands of people to find greater ease and well being in their lives through different methodologies, including somatic therapies, Enneagram coaching, Ayurvedic practices and rituals, essential oils and natural wellness. I have mentored and supervised close to a hundred students and therapists to develop excellent clinical skills and professional self care.

I created Our Sacred Rhythm to offer transformative healing practices, lifestyle rituals, and somatic therapies that help people heal from trauma, and other stuck places, in order to regain vitality and live a life most aligned with who they really are. Our Sacred Rhythm is firmly committed to diversity, education, inclusion and justice.

Essential Oils for Essential Wellness


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I love creating rituals and daily practices with my doTERRA products. I’m excited to help you develop your own. These are my absolute go-tos.

Karin's Must Have Essential Oils

This is a powerful skin hydrator and cell protector! I use it daily underneath my moisturizer morning and night. It's a powerhouse with majorly healing properties in yarrow oil held in the richness of pomegranate seed oil, which is filled with a ton of antioxidants. I love love love the entire line of Yarrow Pom products ... the body renewal serum is one I use on my full body at least 4 times a week ... it makes my skin feel so healthy, clean, and nourished. I feel so alive when I'm using this, post shower on damp skin, then let it soak in a bit before putting clothes on. I use the Cellular Beauty Complex every night before bed and love how much support it provides for skin health and repair. Yarrow Pom is also incredible support for the metabolic system, but my greatest connection with it is through the skin.


This is one of my favorite smells in the world. It simply takes me somewhere. I add a drop to my morning coffee to reduce acidity & overstimulating effects of caffeine. And, oh my, it tastes sooo goood!! Combining cardamom and lime is one of my favorite diffuser scents … amazing for the respiratory system and so uplifting.


I carry this with me all the time! Often with the Peppermint Touch roller too, which I love to roll across my forehead and temples for a pick me up. I take a drop of peppermint under my tongue most days to freshen my breath and increase alertness. I love it in a diffuser with wild orange, or on the back of my neck in the summer, and with a drop of Frankincense to really ramp up my mental clarity. It is the Oil of a Buoyant Heart, which is so beautiful to me. A great one to inhale when my mood or energy are low or things feel heavy. So much this oil can support!


I have such a special relationship with this oil. It is harvested by women in Nepal, and one day when I was in a challenging yoga pose and wanting to get away from it, I heard the word SURRENDER. As soon as I heard that I found myself surrounded by Nepalese women, and smelling wintergreen oil. It was so magical, the first time I'd had this kind of communication with an essential oil. When I got home i put it on my low back, and looked it up ... emotionally, Wintergreen is the Oil of Surrender! What? I was in awe, I have to say. It's such a warm and deeply nourishing oil ... plus, it's pink! I love that too.


I always have a citrus oil in my water, it makes my water taste amazing and it's a gentle daily internal cleanser for my cells. So good.


I also use my oils for a daily fragrance ... I love to use one of the florals like Rose, Jasmine, Magnolia, or Neroli for this.
Elevation blend is another go to.


Pillars of a Wellness Lifestyle








“I am glad to be in the community of essential oil users with you, Karin. You hold the space for me, and our community, with devotion and respect for these gifts of nature. I am learning from you, and I am able to offer what I am discovering myself, as I use the oils. There is an easy, fun, deep, and engaged give-and-take between us. We are talking about real issues that come up in everyday life, and finding natural solutions that really work and that feel good. Working with you and these essential oils has changed my life. I love sharing the journey with you and our community.”

What people are saying...


“Going to your oil presentation and starting to use the oils really inspired me [Lindsey] to live a healthier lifestyle. I started exercising (yoga & hikes), drinking apple cider vinegar, & made some dietary changes.

There are so many things that we love about our oils but the greatest gift has been sleep. The calming effects of the lavender oil is truly remarkable. It has enabled us to fall asleep with ease and stay asleep. I can honestly say it has been life changing and we are both so very grateful for this.”

What people are saying...


“The first of every month is a very personal healing day! I select my monthly essential oil order. The oils have allowed me to explore my creative side, support my body and my mind, and delight in amazing aromas! I enjoy combining oils on my own, experimenting with them cleaning, cooking, and as a fresh smelling natural ‘perfume’. Complete strangers comment on how I smell so wonderful almost daily!  

These oils have impacted my wellbeing and supported my health. It is with much gratitude that these oils are in my life! I owe my deep thanks to you, Karin, my amazing sister, educator and support!”

What people are saying...

What people are saying...

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